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This domain name was purchased to stake claim to www.Cooley.ca for email address purposes and to be able to point individuals to it to view photos.  I will admit to the vanity of having ones last name on their email address.

It is astonishing how this information can become completely dated. I am sure as you read this it is out of date.


Our Lovely HomeI, Paul Cooley, was born in Nelson, British Columbia.  I grew up in British Columbia where I spent time in Solcan, North Vancouver,  Vancouver, Vanderhoof, Abbotsford, Prince George, Fort McMurray and Richmond. More recently I've moved into the USofA and am living in Kenore, WA.
I would dare to name Vanderhoof as my home, although I've been away from for many a year.  It is the place that I spent my time through grade school and will admit it holds a special place in my heart.


My immediate family my caring and wonderful mother and father dad and I have a great sister. More recently I have had the joy to have had Laura accept my proposal to join my family; thus I am pleased to say my wife, Laura.  With Laura I feel welcomed amongst her family, extending my family to several more great people.


I've been educated at Evelyn Dickson Elementary school, Nechako Valley Secondary School, Columbia Bible College (Biblical Studies Diploma),  University of Northern British Columbia (Computer Science Major, Math Minor), and certainly life has some education interjected between school, eating, playing, and sleeping.


I am Christian and I am attending church at Eastlake. (link).


Currently I am employed at Imprev Inc. (link)


After two years of dating, Laura Tellevik, I have changed to begin dating Laura Cooley on September 11, 2004. My love, my soulmate, who can be described in a dizzying array of adjectives and adverbs.  She is great, beautiful, thoughtful, witty, caring, ... , and I love her very much. And words will never be sufficient to say it event in part.


While living not as near as before, I've enjoyed the ability to continue strong friendships with Jason and Kirstin Simpson, Andrew Embree, Larry and Lisa Ubel, Allan and Tatiana Meidlein, Aaron Dovell.  These friends have been there through the thick and thing and I think they should be rewarded with more than recognition.  When I come into something of great worth I would hope to share it with them!


I am a fairly active fitness person (nut).  I attend the gym regularly.  I commute to work via bicycle.  I can play most sports.  However, I will admit to being not a strong swimmer or skier.
I have been a reader of the written word.  I thoroughly enjoy classic novels and have been a if-it-has-not-been-in-circulation-for-more-than-50-years-it-cannot-be-good snob for awhile.
Yet, I will admit that I read even the modern literature. I also do spend a little time with computers.  I've been named a computer geek occasionally, but I think those people exaggerate.


My current resume ( download here ).

LinkedIn Profile ( link ).


electronic mail at p c o o l e y @ g m a i l d o t c o m (I will in an effort not to receive extra spam publish only this email account that is less frequently checked)